Monday, February 9, 2009

Updated Profile: If I was a bird, I would be a goldfinch!

If I was a bird, I would be a goldfinch. I have quite a few pounds to lose, so I refuse to publish anymore pix of me until I lose them. I hope that's sooner than never, but we will see.

This won't be a long or philosophical blog--just an update of sorts. I decided to delete the Notebook from my favorite movies. I do love the story line, but the naughtiness of it makes me think I'll be selling my DVD on Amazon. My sons are growing up and I don't want them to view things that are immoral, and that movie definitely has some moral flaws in it.

Sorry, Nicholas Sparks, but your movie has moved down on my top ten list. Unfortunately, I don't have any modern movies that I really like. I'm currently borrowing English comedy and mystery t.v. shows from the local library. For a good laugh, I highly recommend "Keeping Up Appearances." Patricia Routledge is a blast--especially if you like slap-stick comedy. Recently, my husband bought the five seasons on DVD for me, so I can keep watching and laughing...

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