Saturday, March 7, 2009

Form letter response from Kohl's

I rec'd a form letter touting Ms. Spears as an international celebrity as their reason for keeping her as the spokesperson for Kohl's--just as another Dr. Laura fan said. My email response to Kohl's was simple: "Shame on you!"

Read form letter and my letter to them here:

Dear Valued Customer: Thank you for contacting Kohl's about our selection of Britney Spears as the 2009 Candie's Girl. We regret that you have concerns regarding this decision. Ms. Spears is an international celebrity and pop culture icon who embodies the spirit of the Candie's brand and personifies the iconic Candie's Girl; self confident and stylish. We respect Ms. Spears' right to privacy, and her personal life does not reflect the views of Kohl's Department Stores. It is not our intent to offend our customers, and your feedback will be shared with Kohl's Executives for future decisions. We value the opinions of all our customers and appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Sincerely, Erica K. Representative Dear Ms. Shamion: I got your email address through Dr. Laura, and I’m disheartened to see that your company, Kohl’s, hooked up with Britney Spears to sell your merchandise (to young girls, no less). It’s hard enough for parents to teach values and decency to their children, let alone having to go into your store to shop for our daughters with Britney’s influence. Britney Spears isn’t a good role model; if anything, she’s the last thing that I would want my daughter or granddaughter to emanate. Indeed, Britney’s slutty behavior on the stage, as well as her incredibly irresponsible parenting are behaviors I would want to shield my daughters from. Believe me, I won’t be shopping at your store. And I’ll be telling my friends with daughters to steer clear from Kohl’s too! Word of mouth is an incredible marketing tool. Shame on you!

Sincerely, Wendy S. Komancheck ~Journalist ~

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